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SrResult DatedCourseYear/ProfSessionNotification No. 
301315-04-2024MSc (Pharmacology)Final ExamMJ-231 View Result
301212-04-2024BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-231 View Result
301112-04-2024PG Nursing1st YearMJ-234 View Result
301010-04-2024BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-237 View Result
300910-04-2024BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-239 View Result
300810-04-2024BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-232 View Result
300709-04-2024BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-236 View Result
300609-04-2024PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-237 View Result
300509-04-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-2214 View Result
300409-04-2024BSc Nursing2nd YearND-2216 View Result
300309-04-2024PG MedicalFinal YearND-233 View Result
300204-04-2024PG Dental2nd YearND-231 View Result
300104-04-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2143 View Result
300004-04-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2170 View Result
299904-04-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2259 View Result
299804-04-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2263 View Result
299704-04-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-2219 View Result
299604-04-2024BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-235 View Result
299503-04-2024PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-236 View Result
299403-04-2024BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-234 View Result
299303-04-2024BPharmacy1st SemesterMJ-231 View Result
299202-04-2024BPharmacy5th SemesterMJ-231 View Result
299102-04-2024BPharmacy2nd SemesterMJ-232 View Result
299002-04-2024BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-231 View Result
298902-04-2024PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2336 View Result
298801-04-2024BPCCHN-JULFinal ExamND-235 View Result
298701-04-2024BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-238 View Result
298601-04-2024BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-233 View Result
298501-04-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2262 View Result
298428-03-2024MBBS1st ProfND-231 View Result
298328-03-2024BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-237 View Result
298228-03-2024BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-232 View Result
298128-03-2024PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-235 View Result
298028-03-2024PG Nursing1st YearMJ-233 View Result
297928-03-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2258 View Result
297828-03-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2142 View Result
297728-03-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2169 View Result
297628-03-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2220 View Result
297526-03-2024BPT(NS21)1st yearMJ-231 View Result
297427-03-2024BPCCHN-JULFinal ExamND-234 View Result
297226-03-2024BPT1st yearMJ-231 View Result
297126-03-2024BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-231 View Result
297022-03-2024BPT4th yearMJ-232 View Result
296922-03-2024PG Dental1st YearMJ-231 View Result
296822-03-2024MBBS1st ProfMJ-239 View Result
296722-03-2024BPCCHN-JULFinal ExamND-233 View Result
296621-03-2024BDS1st ProfMJ-231 View Result
296521-03-2024BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-2215 View Result
296421-03-2024PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-234 View Result
296321-03-2024BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-236 View Result
296220-03-2024BPharmacy2nd SemesterMJ-231 View Result
296118-03-2024BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-235 View Result
296018-03-2024BSc (OTT)3rd yearMJ-231 View Result
295918-03-2024BSc (MRIT)(NS19)3rd YearMJ-233 View Result
295815-03-2024PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-233 View Result
295715-03-2024PG MedicalFinal YearND-232 View Result
295613-03-2024BPharmacy(Lateral Entry)4th SemesterMJ-231 View Result
295514-03-2024BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-234 View Result
295414-03-2024PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-232 View Result
295314-03-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2219 View Result
295214-03-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2225 View Result
295114-03-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2257 View Result
295014-03-2024BPCCHN-JANFinal ExamMJ-238 View Result
294914-03-2024MBBS1st ProfMJ-238 View Result
294713-03-2024BPT3rd yearMJ-231 View Result
294613-03-2024BPharmacy3rd SemesterMJ-231 View Result
294513-03-2024BPharmacy4th SemesterMJ-231 View Result
294213-03-2024CDHOPFinal ExamMJ-231 View Result
294113-03-2024MBBS1st ProfMJ-237 View Result
294011-03-2024BPCCHN-JULFinal ExamND-232 View Result
293911-03-2024BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-233 View Result
293811-03-2024PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-231 View Result
293706-03-2024BPCCHN-JANFinal ExamMJ-237 View Result
293605-03-2024BPT(NS21)2nd yearMJ-232 View Result
293505-03-2024PG Physiotherapy2nd YearMJ-232 View Result
293404-03-2024PG Nursing1st YearMJ-232 View Result
293304-03-2024BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-232 View Result
293201-03-2024BPharmacy6th SemesterMJ-231 View Result
293101-03-2024PG Nursing1st YearMJ-231 View Result
293001-03-2024BSc Nursing3rd YearND-2219 View Result
292901-03-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2224 View Result
292801-03-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-2218 View Result
292701-03-2024BPCCHN-JANFinal ExamMJ-236 View Result
292601-03-2024BPCCHN-JULFinal ExamND-231 View Result
292529-02-2024BDS3rd ProfMJ-232 View Result
292429-02-2024PG Physiotherapy2nd YearMJ-231 View Result
292329-02-2024PG Physiotherapy1st YearMJ-231 View Result
292229-02-2024BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-231 View Result
292127-02-2024BPCCHN-JANFinal ExamMJ-235 View Result
292027-02-2024BPT(NS21)2nd yearMJ-231 View Result
291927-02-2024BPT2nd yearMJ-231 View Result
291826-02-2024MSc (Nuclear Medicine Technology)2nd SemesterMJ-231 View Result
291723-02-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-2213 View Result
291623-02-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2218 View Result
291523-02-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2223 View Result
291423-02-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2256 View Result
291221-02-2024MBBS1st ProfMJ-236 View Result
291021-02-2024PG DentalFinal YearMJ-234 View Result
290920-02-2024MBBS1st ProfMJ-235 View Result
290820-02-2024MSc (Nuclear Medicine Technology)1st SemesterMJ-231 View Result
290719-02-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-2212 View Result
290619-02-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2217 View Result
290519-02-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2141 View Result
290419-02-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2168 View Result
290319-02-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2255 View Result
290219-02-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2261 View Result
290119-02-2024MBBS1st ProfMJ-234 View Result
290019-02-2024PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2335 View Result
289919-02-2024MSc (Nuclear Medicine Technology)4th SemesterMJ-231 View Result
289814-02-2024MBBS1st ProfMJ-233 View Result
289713-02-2024BPCCHN-JANFinal ExamMJ-234 View Result
289613-02-2024BPT4th yearMJ-231 View Result
289513-02-2024PG MedicalFinal YearND-231 View Result
289412-02-2024BSc (Cardiac Tech)(NS19)3rd YearMJ-231 View Result
289312-02-2024BSc (Cardiac Tech)3rd YearMJ-231 View Result
289109-02-2024MBBS1st ProfMJ-232 View Result
289012-02-2024PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2334 View Result
288907-02-2024PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2333 View Result
288807-02-2024BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)(NS19)3rd YearMJ-231 View Result
288706-02-2024MBBS1st ProfMJ-231 View Result
288602-02-2024MBBS2nd ProfMJ-236 View Result
288502-02-2024MBBS3rd Prof Part-IMJ-233 View Result
288431-01-2024PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2332 View Result
288330-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-2211 View Result
288230-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2216 View Result
288130-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-2217 View Result
288030-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2254 View Result
287930-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2260 View Result
287823-01-2024DOT2nd YearMJ-231 View Result
287723-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-2216 View Result
287623-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2215 View Result
287522-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2214 View Result
287419-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2213 View Result
287323-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2259 View Result
287223-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2253 View Result
287123-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2140 View Result
287023-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2222 View Result
286622-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-2215 View Result
286522-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2221 View Result
286422-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2252 View Result
286322-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2258 View Result
286219-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2257 View Result
286119-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2251 View Result
286019-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2220 View Result
285919-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-2214 View Result
285719-01-2024MBBS2nd ProfMJ-235 View Result
285619-01-2024BSc (MRIT)(NS19)3rd YearMJ-232 View Result
285518-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterND-229 View Result
285418-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-2213 View Result
285216-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2256 View Result
285116-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-2212 View Result
285016-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2212 View Result
284915-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2167 View Result
284815-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2255 View Result
284715-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterMJ-2212 View Result
284615-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterND-228 View Result
284515-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2211 View Result
284412-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2254 View Result
284312-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2250 View Result
284212-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2139 View Result
284112-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2166 View Result
284012-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-2210 View Result
283912-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterND-227 View Result
283812-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2210 View Result
283712-01-2024MBBS2nd ProfMJ-234 View Result
283611-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-229 View Result
283511-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterND-226 View Result
283411-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-229 View Result
283311-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2253 View Result
283211-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-2211 View Result
283111-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2219 View Result
283011-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2249 View Result
282911-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2165 View Result
282809-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-2210 View Result
282709-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-228 View Result
282609-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-228 View Result
282509-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2138 View Result
282409-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2248 View Result
282309-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2252 View Result
282108-01-2024BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-2214 View Result
282008-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-227 View Result
281908-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterND-225 View Result
281707-12-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-2213 View Result
281608-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2218 View Result
281508-01-2024BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-2117 View Result
281408-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2247 View Result
281308-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2251 View Result
281208-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-227 View Result
281105-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2250 View Result
281005-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-229 View Result
280905-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-226 View Result
280805-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2246 View Result
280705-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2217 View Result
280605-01-2024BSc (MRIT)(NS19)3rd YearMJ-231 View Result
280505-01-2024MBBS1st ProfND-228 View Result
280404-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2245 View Result
280304-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2249 View Result
280204-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2216 View Result
280004-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-226 View Result
279904-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterND-224 View Result
279804-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-225 View Result
279718-12-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-2038 View Result
279607-12-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-2037 View Result
279510-11-2022BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-2036 View Result
279403-01-2024MBBS2nd ProfMJ-233 View Result
279303-01-2024M Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)4th SemesterMJ-231 View Result
279203-01-2024BDS3rd ProfMJ-231 View Result
279002-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-228 View Result
278902-01-2024BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2248 View Result
278802-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-224 View Result
278701-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-225 View Result
278601-01-2024BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-223 View Result
278529-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2244 View Result
278429-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2137 View Result
278329-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2215 View Result
278229-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-227 View Result
278129-12-2023BASLP7th SemesterMJ-231 View Result
278029-12-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterMJ-2211 View Result
277829-12-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-224 View Result
277729-12-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterND-223 View Result
277629-12-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-222 View Result
277527-12-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-221 View Result
277427-12-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterND-222 View Result
277327-12-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-223 View Result
277226-12-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-222 View Result
277126-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2214 View Result
277026-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-226 View Result
276920-12-2023M Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)2nd SemesterMJ-231 View Result
276821-12-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterND-221 View Result
276721-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-225 View Result
276419-12-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)3rd SemesterND-221 View Result
276319-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2243 View Result
276219-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-224 View Result
276119-12-2023MBBS2nd ProfMJ-232 View Result
276019-12-2023MBBS3rd Prof Part-IMJ-232 View Result
275818-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-223 View Result
275718-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2213 View Result
275615-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2242 View Result
275515-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2247 View Result
275414-12-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-2218 View Result
275314-12-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-2211 View Result
275213-12-2023MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-233 View Result
275113-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2164 View Result
275013-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-222 View Result
274912-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-221 View Result
274812-12-2023BDSFinal ProfMJ-215 View Result
274707-12-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-2217 View Result
274608-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2212 View Result
274207-12-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-2215 View Result
274107-12-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-2210 View Result
273907-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2211 View Result
273805-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2241 View Result
273705-12-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2331 View Result
273604-12-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-229 View Result
273504-12-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-2214 View Result
273404-12-2023PG Nursing1st YearND-227 View Result
273304-12-2023PG Nursing2nd YearND-229 View Result
273104-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2210 View Result
273004-12-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2240 View Result
272930-11-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2330 View Result
272830-11-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-2213 View Result
272630-11-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-228 View Result
272529-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2239 View Result
272429-11-2023BPCCHN-JANFinal ExamMJ-233 View Result
272324-11-2023MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIND-213 View Result
272224-11-2023MBBS2nd ProfND-193 View Result
272124-11-2023MBBS1st ProfMJ-185 View Result
272024-11-2023MBBS2nd ProfND-185 View Result
271924-11-2023MBBSFinal Prof Part-IND-194 View Result
271824-11-2023MBBSFinal Prof Part-IND-203 View Result
271724-11-2023MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIND-204 View Result
271624-11-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-2212 View Result
271524-11-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-227 View Result
271424-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-229 View Result
271323-11-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-226 View Result
271221-11-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-225 View Result
271123-11-2023PG Nursing2nd YearND-228 View Result
271023-11-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-2216 View Result
270923-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-228 View Result
270820-06-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-2121 View Result
270721-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2246 View Result
270521-11-2023BSc Nursing4th YearND-228 View Result
270321-11-2023MBBS1st ProfND-227 View Result
270220-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2238 View Result
270120-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-227 View Result
270017-11-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-2215 View Result
269917-11-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-2211 View Result
269817-11-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-224 View Result
269717-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-226 View Result
269615-11-2023MBBS1st ProfND-226 View Result
269514-11-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2329 View Result
269308-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-225 View Result
269208-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2245 View Result
269106-11-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-223 View Result
269006-11-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-2214 View Result
268906-11-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-2210 View Result
268706-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-224 View Result
268606-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2237 View Result
268506-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2136 View Result
268406-11-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2163 View Result
268327-10-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-2213 View Result
268227-10-2023PG Nursing1st YearND-226 View Result
268130-10-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-223 View Result
268027-10-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-229 View Result
267927-10-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-222 View Result
267827-10-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2328 View Result
267726-10-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-222 View Result
267625-10-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-221 View Result
267523-10-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-221 View Result
267420-10-2023MPhil Clinical Psychology1st YearMJ-231 View Result
267319-10-2023PG Nursing2nd YearND-227 View Result
267219-10-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-2212 View Result
267118-10-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-228 View Result
267018-10-2023PG Nursing1st YearND-225 View Result
266917-10-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-227 View Result
266817-10-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2327 View Result
266717-10-2023BPharmacy(Lateral Entry)8th SemesterMJ-231 View Result
266617-10-2023BPharmacy8th SemesterMJ-231 View Result
266516-10-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-226 View Result
266416-10-2023CHBCHFinal ExamND-222 View Result
266313-10-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-225 View Result
266213-10-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2326 View Result
266113-10-2023PG DentalFinal YearMJ-233 View Result
266012-10-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2244 View Result
265912-10-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2236 View Result
265811-10-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-2211 View Result
265711-10-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-224 View Result
265610-10-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-223 View Result
265510-10-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-2210 View Result
265410-10-2023BDSFinal ProfMJ-233 View Result
265310-10-2023BDS1st ProfND-221 View Result
265209-10-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-222 View Result
265106-10-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-221 View Result
265006-10-2023PG DentalFinal YearMJ-232 View Result
264905-10-2023MBBS1st ProfND-225 View Result
264805-10-2023BPCCHN-JANFinal ExamMJ-232 View Result
264705-10-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2235 View Result
264605-10-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2243 View Result
264504-10-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-229 View Result
264404-10-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2325 View Result
264303-10-2023PG DentalFinal YearMJ-231 View Result
264229-09-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2324 View Result
264128-09-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2234 View Result
264028-09-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2242 View Result
263928-09-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2323 View Result
263827-09-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-228 View Result
263727-09-2023BSc Nursing4th YearND-227 View Result
263626-09-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2322 View Result
263522-09-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2321 View Result
263425-09-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-227 View Result
263325-09-2023PG Nursing1st YearND-224 View Result
263221-09-2023MBBS1st ProfND-224 View Result
263121-09-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2320 View Result
262920-09-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-226 View Result
262820-09-2023PG Nursing1st YearND-223 View Result
262720-09-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2319 View Result
262618-09-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2318 View Result
262518-09-2023MBBS1st ProfND-223 View Result
262415-09-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2135 View Result
262315-09-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2162 View Result
262215-09-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2233 View Result
262115-09-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2241 View Result
262015-09-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2317 View Result
261912-09-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-225 View Result
261812-09-2023PG Nursing2nd YearND-226 View Result
261712-09-2023PG Nursing1st YearND-222 View Result
261612-09-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2316 View Result
261511-09-2023MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-232 View Result
261411-09-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2240 View Result
261311-09-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2232 View Result
261211-09-2023CHBCHFinal ExamND-221 View Result
261111-09-2023CHHBCAFinal ExamND-221 View Result
261011-09-2023MSc MLT(Microbiology)2nd YearND-221 View Result
260911-09-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2315 View Result
260806-09-2023PG Nursing2nd YearND-225 View Result
260706-09-2023BSc Nursing4th YearND-226 View Result
260606-09-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2314 View Result
260506-09-2023COTAFinal ExamND-221 View Result
260405-09-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2231 View Result
260305-09-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2239 View Result
260205-09-2023PG Nursing1st YearND-221 View Result
260105-09-2023COTFinal ExamND-221 View Result
260005-09-2023DICUT2nd YearND-221 View Result
259905-09-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-224 View Result
259804-09-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2161 View Result
259704-09-2023BDSFinal ProfMJ-232 View Result
259601-09-2023MSc (Nuclear Medicine Technology)4th SemesterND-221 View Result
259501-09-2023BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)2nd YearND-221 View Result
259401-09-2023BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)(NS19)2nd YearND-221 View Result
259301-09-2023BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)(NS19)1st YearND-221 View Result
259231-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2313 View Result
259131-08-2023MBBS1st ProfND-222 View Result
259031-08-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2230 View Result
258931-08-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2238 View Result
258831-08-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-223 View Result
258731-08-2023BSc (OTT)(NS19)2nd YearND-221 View Result
258631-08-2023BSc (OTT)(NS19)1st YearND-221 View Result
258531-08-2023DOTT2nd YearND-221 View Result
258431-08-2023DOTT1st YearND-221 View Result
258331-08-2023DICUT1st YearND-221 View Result
258229-08-2023PG Nursing2nd YearND-224 View Result
258129-08-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-222 View Result
258028-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2312 View Result
257925-08-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearND-221 View Result
257825-08-2023BDSFinal ProfMJ-231 View Result
257725-08-2023BSc (Ortho Asstt & Plaster Tech)(NS19)2nd yearND-221 View Result
257625-08-2023BSc (Emergency Resp)(NS19)1st YearND-221 View Result
257524-08-2023BPCCHN-JANFinal ExamMJ-231 View Result
257424-08-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2229 View Result
257324-08-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2237 View Result
257124-08-2023MSc (Medical Biochemistry)Final YearND-221 View Result
257024-08-2023MSc (Medical Anatomy)Final YearND-221 View Result
256924-08-2023Post Basic Diploma in Oncology Nursing1st YearND-221 View Result
256824-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2311 View Result
256724-08-2023PG Nursing2nd YearND-223 View Result
256622-08-2023PG Nursing2nd YearND-222 View Result
256522-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2310 View Result
256422-08-2023MSc (Nuclear Medicine Technology)1st SemesterND-221 View Result
256322-08-2023M Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)3rd SemesterND-221 View Result
256222-08-2023M Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)1st SemesterND-221 View Result
256121-08-2023BSc Nursing4th YearND-225 View Result
256021-08-2023BSc (Optometry)(NS19)2nd YearND-221 View Result
255921-08-2023BSc (Optometry)(NS19)1st YearND-221 View Result
255821-08-2023BSc (Cardiac Tech)(NS19)2nd YearND-221 View Result
255721-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-239 View Result
255621-08-2023BSc (Cardiac Tech)(NS19)1st YearND-221 View Result
255521-08-2023BSc (Dialysis Tech)(NS19)2nd yearND-221 View Result
255421-08-2023BSc (Dialysis Tech)(NS19)1st yearND-221 View Result
255321-08-2023MSc (Nuclear Medicine Technology)3rd SemesterND-221 View Result
255221-08-2023MSc (Nuclear Medicine Technology)2nd SemesterND-221 View Result
255118-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-238 View Result
255018-08-2023MBBS1st ProfND-221 View Result
254917-08-2023PG Nursing2nd YearND-221 View Result
254817-08-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2228 View Result
254717-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-237 View Result
254616-08-2023MBBS2nd ProfMJ-231 View Result
254516-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-236 View Result
254416-08-2023BSc Nursing4th YearND-224 View Result
254316-08-2023BSc (MRIT)(NS19)1st YearND-221 View Result
254216-08-2023BSc (MRIT)(NS19)2nd YearND-221 View Result
254116-08-2023BSc (MRIT)2nd YearND-221 View Result
254016-08-2023BSc (ICU Tech)(NS19)1st YearND-221 View Result
253916-08-2023BSc (ICU Tech)(NS19)2nd YearND-221 View Result
253814-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-235 View Result
253711-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-234 View Result
253611-08-2023BPharmacy6th SemesterND-221 View Result
253511-08-2023BPharmacy(Lateral Entry)5th SemesterND-221 View Result
253411-08-2023BPharmacy5th SemesterND-221 View Result
253311-08-2023BPharmacy4th SemesterND-221 View Result
253211-08-2023BPharmacy(Lateral Entry)3rd SemesterND-221 View Result
253111-08-2023BPharmacy3rd SemesterND-221 View Result
253011-08-2023BPharmacy2nd SemesterND-221 View Result
252911-08-2023BPharmacy1st SemesterND-221 View Result
252810-08-2023BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)(NS19)1st YearND-221 View Result
252710-08-2023BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)(NS19)2nd YearND-221 View Result
252610-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-233 View Result
252509-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-232 View Result
252409-08-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2227 View Result
252309-08-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2236 View Result
252208-08-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-231 View Result
252107-08-2023BSc Nursing4th YearND-223 View Result
252031-07-2023BSc Nursing4th YearND-222 View Result
251907-08-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2134 View Result
251807-08-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2160 View Result
251720-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2159 View Result
251604-08-2023DMRIT2nd YearND-221 View Result
251504-08-2023DMRIT1st YearND-221 View Result
251404-08-2023BSc(MLT)(NS19)1st YearND-221 View Result
251303-08-2023BSc(MLT)2nd YearND-221 View Result
251203-08-2023BSc(MLT)(NS19)2nd YearND-221 View Result
251103-08-2023MBBS3rd Prof Part-IMJ-231 View Result
251001-08-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2226 View Result
250901-08-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2235 View Result
250801-08-2023BSc(MLT)(NS19)3rd YearND-222 View Result
250731-07-2023BDS2nd ProfND-221 View Result
250631-07-2023BPT1st yearND-221 View Result
250431-07-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterMJ-2212 View Result
250331-07-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterMJ-2210 View Result
250227-07-2023BSc(MED)(APB)3rd YearND-222 View Result
250126-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2234 View Result
250025-07-2023BSc Nursing4th YearND-221 View Result
249925-07-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterMJ-2211 View Result
249825-07-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-2212 View Result
249725-07-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-2212 View Result
249625-07-2023BSc(MED)(APB)3rd YearND-221 View Result
249525-07-2023BSc(MED)(APB)2nd YearND-221 View Result
249425-07-2023BSc(MED)(APB)1st YearND-221 View Result
249324-07-2023BASLP7th SemesterND-221 View Result
249224-07-2023BASLP6th SemesterND-221 View Result
249124-07-2023BASLP5th SemesterND-221 View Result
249024-07-2023BASLP4th SemesterND-221 View Result
248924-07-2023BASLP3rd SemesterND-221 View Result
248824-07-2023PG Physiotherapy2nd YearND-221 View Result
248724-07-2023BASLP1st SemesterND-221 View Result
248524-07-2023PG Dental1st YearND-221 View Result
248424-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2233 View Result
248320-07-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-2211 View Result
248221-07-2023BSc (OTT)(NS19)3rd yearND-221 View Result
248121-07-2023BSc (OTT)3rd yearND-221 View Result
248021-07-2023BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)(NS19)3rd YearND-221 View Result
247921-07-2023BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)3rd YearND-221 View Result
247820-07-2023BSc (MRIT)3rd YearND-221 View Result
247720-07-2023BSc (MRIT)(NS19)3rd YearND-221 View Result
247620-07-2023BSc (Perfu Tech)3rd YearND-221 View Result
247520-07-2023BSc (ICU Tech)(NS19)3rd YearND-221 View Result
247420-07-2023BSc (Cardiac Tech)3rd YearND-221 View Result
247220-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2232 View Result
247119-07-2023BPT2nd yearND-221 View Result
247018-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2225 View Result
246918-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2231 View Result
246814-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2224 View Result
246714-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2230 View Result
246614-07-2023BSc(MLT)(NS19)3rd YearND-221 View Result
246514-07-2023BSc(MLT)3rd YearND-221 View Result
246413-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2229 View Result
246312-07-2023BPharmacy(Lateral Entry)7th SemesterND-221 View Result
246212-07-2023BPharmacy7th SemesterND-221 View Result
246112-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2223 View Result
246012-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2228 View Result
245912-07-2023MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-231 View Result
245811-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2222 View Result
245711-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2227 View Result
245607-07-2023PG MedicalFinal YearND-227 View Result
245510-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2221 View Result
245410-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2226 View Result
245310-07-2023COTAFinal ExamMJ-223 View Result
245206-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2133 View Result
245106-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2158 View Result
245006-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2220 View Result
244906-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2225 View Result
244804-07-2023MBBS1st ProfSO-229 View Result
244704-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2132 View Result
244603-07-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-2210 View Result
244503-07-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2224 View Result
244330-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterMJ-2210 View Result
244230-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterMJ-229 View Result
244130-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2223 View Result
244030-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2219 View Result
243928-06-2023BPT4th yearND-221 View Result
243828-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2222 View Result
243727-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2218 View Result
243627-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterMJ-228 View Result
243527-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2221 View Result
243327-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterMJ-229 View Result
243227-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2119 View Result
243126-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-2130 View Result
243026-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterMJ-228 View Result
242926-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2217 View Result
242826-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2220 View Result
242723-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterMJ-227 View Result
242623-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterMJ-227 View Result
242523-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2216 View Result
242423-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2219 View Result
242323-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2131 View Result
242122-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2157 View Result
242022-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterMJ-226 View Result
241921-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2218 View Result
241820-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2215 View Result
241720-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterMJ-225 View Result
241620-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2217 View Result
241520-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterMJ-226 View Result
241416-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2118 View Result
241316-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterMJ-224 View Result
241216-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterMJ-225 View Result
241116-06-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-229 View Result
241016-06-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-2211 View Result
240916-06-2023BPharmacy2nd SemesterMJ-222 View Result
240814-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterMJ-223 View Result
240714-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2216 View Result
240607-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterMJ-224 View Result
240513-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2214 View Result
240413-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2215 View Result
240312-06-2023BPT3rd yearND-221 View Result
240212-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterMJ-222 View Result
240112-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-1935 View Result
240008-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)2nd SemesterMJ-221 View Result
239907-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2213 View Result
239806-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2214 View Result
239705-06-2023MBBS1st ProfSO-228 View Result
239605-06-2023PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-2210 View Result
239505-06-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterMJ-223 View Result
239402-06-2023BPT(NS21)1st yearMJ-222 View Result
239305-06-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2213 View Result
239231-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2212 View Result
239131-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2212 View Result
239029-05-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-2211 View Result
238929-05-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-2210 View Result
238829-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2211 View Result
238726-05-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-2128 View Result
238626-05-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-2210 View Result
238526-05-2023BPharmacy8th SemesterMJ-222 View Result
238425-05-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-229 View Result
238325-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-2210 View Result
238224-05-2023MBBS1st ProfSO-227 View Result
238124-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2211 View Result
238024-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-229 View Result
237924-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2156 View Result
237824-05-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-228 View Result
237724-05-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterMJ-222 View Result
237522-05-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-229 View Result
237422-05-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-228 View Result
237319-05-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-227 View Result
237218-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-228 View Result
237118-05-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterMJ-221 View Result
237017-05-2023BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-2210 View Result
236917-05-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-227 View Result
236817-05-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-228 View Result
236717-05-2023BDS1st ProfMJ-222 View Result
236616-05-2023MBBS1st ProfSO-226 View Result
236516-05-2023MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIND-222 View Result
236416-05-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-226 View Result
236316-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2155 View Result
236216-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2210 View Result
236116-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-227 View Result
236015-05-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-2120 View Result
235915-05-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-2127 View Result
235815-05-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-227 View Result
235715-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2130 View Result
235615-05-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-226 View Result
235515-05-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-225 View Result
235415-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-226 View Result
235312-05-2023COTAFinal ExamMJ-222 View Result
235211-05-2023MPhil Clinical Psychology1st YearMJ-221 View Result
235111-05-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-226 View Result
235011-05-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-224 View Result
234911-05-2023MBBS1st ProfSO-225 View Result
234810-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-225 View Result
234711-05-2023PG MedicalFinal YearND-226 View Result
234611-05-2023BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-229 View Result
234510-05-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-225 View Result
234410-05-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-223 View Result
234308-05-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-222 View Result
234208-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2154 View Result
234108-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-229 View Result
234008-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-224 View Result
233905-05-2023MBBS1st ProfSO-224 View Result
233805-05-2023BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-221 View Result
233705-05-2023BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-228 View Result
233603-05-2023PG MedicalFinal YearND-225 View Result
233503-05-2023BPCCHNFinal ExamND-221 View Result
233403-05-2023PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-229 View Result
233303-05-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-224 View Result
233203-05-2023MBBS1st ProfSO-223 View Result
233102-05-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-225 View Result
233002-05-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-223 View Result
232902-05-2023MBBS1st ProfSO-222 View Result
232802-05-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-223 View Result
232728-04-2023MBBS1st ProfSO-221 View Result
232626-04-2023MBBS3rd Prof Part-ISO-222 View Result
232526-04-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2153 View Result
232426-04-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-228 View Result
232326-04-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-222 View Result
232226-04-2023CECAAFinal ExamMJ-222 View Result
232125-04-2023MBBS3rd Prof Part-ISO-221 View Result
232021-04-2023MBBS2nd ProfSO-221 View Result
231921-04-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-222 View Result
231820-04-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-221 View Result
231719-04-2023BDS3rd ProfND-221 View Result
231619-04-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-224 View Result
231519-04-2023BDS1st ProfMJ-221 View Result
231419-04-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
231313-04-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-223 View Result
231213-04-2023MSc (Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care)1st YearMJ-221 View Result
231113-04-2023PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-228 View Result
231013-04-2023PG Nursing1st YearMJ-224 View Result
230913-04-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-227 View Result
230811-04-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-2119 View Result
230711-04-2023BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-227 View Result
230610-04-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2129 View Result
230506-04-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-222 View Result
230406-04-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2128 View Result
230306-04-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2152 View Result
230206-04-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-226 View Result
230106-04-2023PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-2223 View Result
230005-04-2023MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIND-221 View Result
229903-04-2023MSc (Nuclear Medicine Technology)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
229803-04-2023BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-221 View Result
229731-03-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-2126 View Result
229631-03-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-225 View Result
229527-03-2023BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-226 View Result
229427-03-2023PG Nursing1st YearMJ-223 View Result
229327-03-2023PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-227 View Result
229227-03-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2127 View Result
229127-03-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2151 View Result
229020-03-2023BSc Nursing1st YearND-2125 View Result
228920-03-2023BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-225 View Result
228820-03-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-224 View Result
228716-03-2023PG MedicalFinal YearND-224 View Result
228416-03-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-223 View Result
228315-03-2023PG Nursing1st YearMJ-222 View Result
228214-03-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2126 View Result
228113-03-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2150 View Result
228013-03-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2117 View Result
227913-03-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-222 View Result
227810-03-2023PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-226 View Result
227710-03-2023BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-224 View Result
227610-03-2023CHBCHFinal ExamMJ-221 View Result
227510-03-2023CECAAFinal ExamMJ-221 View Result
227410-03-2023BSc (Cardiac Tech)3rd YearMJ-221 View Result
227310-03-2023BSc (Cardiac Tech)(NS19)3rd YearMJ-221 View Result
227209-03-2023PG Nursing1st YearMJ-221 View Result
227109-03-2023DOTT2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
227009-03-2023DICUT2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
226909-03-2023DICUT1st YearMJ-221 View Result
226809-03-2023DMRIT1st YearMJ-221 View Result
226707-03-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
226607-03-2023BSc (Emergency Resp)(NS19)1st YearMJ-222 View Result
226503-03-2023BPT(NS21)1st yearMJ-221 View Result
226402-03-2023Post Basic Diploma in Oncology Nursing1st YearMJ-221 View Result
226301-03-2023MSc (Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
226201-03-2023PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-225 View Result
226101-03-2023BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-223 View Result
226028-02-2023BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-222 View Result
225928-02-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-2125 View Result
225828-02-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-2149 View Result
225728-02-2023BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)(NS19)1st YearMJ-221 View Result
225628-02-2023BASLP3rd SemesterMJ-221 View Result
225527-02-2023PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-224 View Result
225327-02-2023CHHBCAFinal ExamMJ-222 View Result
225224-02-2023BSc Nursing2nd YearND-2118 View Result
225124-02-2023COTAFinal ExamMJ-221 View Result
225024-02-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2116 View Result
224824-02-2023BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
224724-02-2023BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)(NS19)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
224624-02-2023BSc (OTT)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
224524-02-2023BSc (OTT)(NS19)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
224424-02-2023BSc (OTT)(NS19)1st YearMJ-221 View Result
224323-02-2023BPT2nd yearMJ-221 View Result
224223-02-2023BDSFinal ProfND-221 View Result
224123-02-2023BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-221 View Result
224023-02-2023BSc (Cardiac Tech)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
223923-02-2023BSc (Cardiac Tech)(NS19)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
223823-02-2023BSc (Cardiac Tech)(NS19)1st YearMJ-221 View Result
223722-02-2023PG MedicalFinal YearND-223 View Result
223622-02-2023PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-223 View Result
223522-02-2023DMRIT2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
223422-02-2023BASLP6th SemesterMJ-221 View Result
223322-02-2023BASLP5th SemesterMJ-221 View Result
223222-02-2023BASLP4th SemesterMJ-221 View Result
223122-02-2023BASLP2nd SemesterMJ-221 View Result
223017-02-2023BSc (Dialysis Tech)(NS19)2nd yearMJ-221 View Result
222917-02-2023BSc (Dialysis Tech)(NS19)1st yearMJ-221 View Result
222817-02-2023BSc (MRIT)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
222717-02-2023BSc (MRIT)(NS19)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
222617-02-2023BSc (MRIT)(NS19)1st YearMJ-221 View Result
222517-02-2023BSc Nursing(NS21)1st SemesterND-2115 View Result
222413-02-2023PG MedicalFinal YearND-222 View Result
222313-02-2023PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-222 View Result
222213-02-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-1934 View Result
222110-02-2023PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
222010-02-2023BSc (Emergency Resp)(NS19)1st YearMJ-221 View Result
221910-02-2023BSc (ICU Tech)(NS19)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
221810-02-2023BSc (ICU Tech)(NS19)1st YearMJ-221 View Result
221707-02-2023MSc MLT(Microbiology)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
221607-02-2023MSc (Medical Physiology)Final YearMJ-221 View Result
221507-02-2023MSc (Medical Biochemistry)Final YearMJ-221 View Result
221407-02-2023MSc (Medical Anatomy)Final YearMJ-221 View Result
221307-02-2023PG Nursing2nd YearND-216 View Result
221206-02-2023BSc (Perfu Tech)3rd YearMJ-221 View Result
221106-02-2023BSc (Perfu Tech)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
221006-02-2023BSc (Perfu Tech)(NS19)1st YearMJ-221 View Result
220906-02-2023BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)(NS19)1st YearMJ-221 View Result
220806-02-2023DOT1st YearMJ-221 View Result
220702-02-2023M Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)1st SemesterMJ-221 View Result
220601-02-2023BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)(NS19)2nd YearMJ-221 View Result
220501-02-2023M Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)2nd SemesterMJ-221 View Result
220431-01-2023BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd Year